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About EnvirofleX

Enviroflex offers a range of “solutions for insulation” for houses and commercial buildings. We have been manufacturing, supplying and installing insulation in Australian homes, industrial and commercial projects for over 50 years. We have an extensive range of insulation products and services, as well as professional expertise to ensure that we determine the best match between structure and insulation.

Enviroflex is a leader in the development, manufacture and installation of cellulose spray-applied thermal installation and acoustical treatments and we can design and install to suit specific project requirements.


Insulation is an important yet unseen part of any structure as it acts as a cool agent in summer, and a heat agent in winter. When installed correctly, insulation reduces the average home heating and cooling costs by around 30%. Insulation will pay for itself in 3-5 years, with payback time improving with rising energy costs. Insulation consists of a once only cost that will last the life of the building, typically 50-70 years.


This will depend on the following factors:

–       Condensation control

–       Moisture absorption

–       Non-combustible

–       Acoustic performance

–       Thermal performance

We supply and install a variety of leading brands of insulation in a range of materials and costs, with a guarantee of performance.

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