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Product: Autex Quietspace – Interior Acoustics

Application: Commercial Spaces – Offices, Restaurants, Meeting Rooms, Band Rooms, Class Rooms etc

About the Product: Quietspace® is an innovative range of high-performance acoustic control products made from recyclable 100% polyester. Using advanced fibre technology and processes, Autex has created a durable, good-looking product that allows designers real creative freedom and still delivers highly effective noise reduction. Quietspace products reduce both reverberated noise and sound transmission to create environments that are quiet, comfortable and attractive. All Autex’s Quietspace products offer a designer extensive creative freedom, with wide choices of colour and finish as well as custom printing and custom cutting options. Sound absorption ratings range from 20% to 100% across the Quietspace collection, providing an extensive choice of noise reduction options.

Our product range includes Quietspace Acoustic Fabric, a non-woven fabric wall lining with high-performance acoustic backing; Quietspace Workstation, a pre-finished acoustic screen panel product for use in office furniture and fitouts; and Quietspace Panel, an innovative frameless acoustic panel that can absorb up to 100% of reverberated noise, and a range of tiles and cube products.

General Installation Advice: 

Quietspace products are lightweight and easy to handle, with no frames or separate finishing elements. Highly durable, fade-resistant and resistant to moisture, and will provide many years of effective, hard-wearing performance. They are single-material products. Quietspace products also have a high recycled fibre content, making them the most environmentally sustainable products of their type on the market.

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