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Product: SonaSpray

Applications: Sonaspray is a high performance solution to acoustical and lighting design objectives in both new and renovation projects. Typical Installations include schools, churches, auditoriums, libraries, cafeterias, offices and hotels.

About the Product:

Acoustical finish
SonaSpray is a proven spray applied acoustical textured product designed for a wide range of project types. Sonaspray is an attractive fine textured product that blends seamlessly with adjacent construction elements, making it very attractive in appearance, eliminating the need for bulky acoustic panels or further ceiling finishes.

Acoustical Performance
As tested by a NVLAP accredited acoustical laboratory per ASTM C-423, Sonaspray FC provides an exceptionally high noise reduction coefficient (NRC). A typical installation of ½” thick on a solid backing has an unequalled NRC of .65.

SonaSpray FC conforms to any surface configuration such as corrugated decks, pan construction and other complex surfaces. The high performance adhesive bonds to virtually all construction material including gypsum board, plaster, wood, metal and concrete.

General Installation Advice:

Durability and Maintenance
The strong resilient bond of the adhesive used to apply Sonaspray provides a remarkably durable surface that will not crack, flake or loose its bond over time, even in high abuse areas such as gymnasiums

Light reflectivity of 75% helps to diffuse lighting, eliminating shadowing within the space. Customer colours are available to further enhance design flexibility and creativity.







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