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Product: TUFF-R board.

Carpark Soffits
Concrete Roofs
Double brick wall
Cavity wall
Double cavity precast wall
Masonry wall external
Underside of slab

About the Product: TUFF-R Thermal insulation holds the highest R-value of any foam sheathing available. The Dow TUFF-R (distributed by DCTech) is a closed cell polyisocyanurate foam core sandwiched between two durable aluminium foils, one of them being a Kraft paper substance. It is a rigid board manufactured with HFC blowing agent, with zero ozone depletion potential (ODP) and is Green Star Compliant.

Air cannot penetrate the facers. Therefor there is a decrease in water and water vapour intrusion allowing the R-value to stabilise at a higher value.

TUFF-R is easy to handle, fit and install.

Green Star Compliant
Zero ODP

Nominal Board Thickness, in R-Value
Board Size, ft Edge Treatment Min Compressive Strength, psi
1.0 6.5 4′ x 8′ / 4′ x 9′ Square Edge 25
1.50 9.8 4′ x 8′ / 4′ x 9′ Square Edge 25
2.0 13.0 4′ x 8′ / 4′ x 9′ Square Edge 25


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