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The Tenmat Downlight Cover acts as a fire barrier between the insulation and the heat from the light.

The hood has the following dimensions:

Height – 160mm
Thickness – 10mm
External diameter at base – 260mm (length)
External diameter at base – 230mm (width)
External diameter at top – 80mm


What is the difference between aa FF130 Tenmat FLANGED Loft Cone and a FF130 Downlight Protection Loft Cone?

FF130 is the one designed for Australian conditions, the cone is for USA with their lower voltage. The flange refers to a flatter side that enables fitting closer to the beams. It is fire resistant material and has a narrow side specifically for areas where the LED/downlight is close to the beam.

I have halogens in the bathroom fitted with 35w globe, should they have a Tenmat cone or cover over them or does that cause them to overheat?

The Tenmat was originally designed for halogens to restrict the matter of overheating so it’s a good idea to install them.

The install seems time consuming – cut hole, pull wire through of the separate driver to outside and top of cover, silicone that up and silicone the cover to the ceiling?

Yes, that is the complete process so the transformer can sit on top of the cover. With the LED lights the cover can just sit over them.

My instincts are to ask the electrician to install the cones or covers when installing the LED downlights before the insulation is installed. do you agree?

Yes, this is the best method of install while the contractor is there. Electricians are the best people to install.

What is the fire-resistance of the downlight covers?

Fire Rating tested to comply with IEC 60598


Please refer to the PDF files below for more information:


Loft Cover Air Tightness Test Report P09020-01

FF130 Flanged Loft Cover Heat Build Up Test Report L10539 A Amd 2

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