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Product: Expol

Application: Underfloor

About the Product: Expol Underfloor Insulation is a cost effective and energy efficient way to make your home more comfortable all year round. The polystyrene insulation panels are placed snugly between your floor joists. During Winter in your home the heat of the room rises to the ceiling leaving the cold air on the floor. Coupled with the fact that your floors are in contact with the coldest air both inside and out explains why you can lose up  to 15% of your heating via the floor. If your home has a timber floor, there is a large space of cold air between the ground and the underside of the floor. The low insulation properties of timber, together with possible leakage, mean that the floor creates a heat sink, taking heat out of your house. Carpeting and underlay help provide some insulation, however to maximize heat retention, insulation is advised.

Warmer feet and save around 12% on heating bills.
Insulating under the floor will help keep your home dryer.
Made out of flame retardant polystyrene.
Improves insulation rating of your home
New and existing floors
The product has a 50 year warranty
Complies under Australian and New Zealand Standards

R Value: R1.4

General Installation Advice: Non-allergenic and non-irritating


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