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Product: Feelrite Celbar

Application: Can be installed to Exterior Walls, Party Walls, Corridor Walls and Acoustic Walls. Within Residential Homes, Container Houses, Office Buildings, Apartment Buildings, Restaurants, Shopping Centres, Hotels and Motels.

About the Product: FeelRite SprayOn Insulation is an environmentally, energy saving insulation product made from recycled high quality paper. FeelRite SprayOn is a blend of specially prepared cellulose fibers, treated with adhesive and fire resistant chemicals. FeelRite SprayOn insulation when sprayed into the wall cavities seals cracks and holes in the wallboard, around plumbing and electrical outlets, the interlocking fibers result in a mass which produces excellent acoustic and thermal properties. FeelRite Cellulose is a natural material. It insulates better than man-made materials.FeelRite cellulose is made with recycled materials that conserves energy, reduces the load on landfill and takes substantially less energy to manufacture.

FeelRite provide superior sound transfer control demanded by building designers, owners and occupants. FeelRite assemblies perform closer to lab tested STC ratings in the field than do other conventional batts and sound board systems. This is due to the complete coverage and the sealing action of FeelRite.

General Installation Advice: 
Enviroflex has special machinery for the installation of Feelrite Celbar. This product to be installed by trained professional.

Celbar Spec 2009

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