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Product: Downlight Covers

Product: The Isolite™ Guard

About the Product: The primary downlight housing that totally encloses and seals most 12V (& some 240V) downlights, providing vital fire prevention in your ceiling space, an area that is out of sight, out of mind. Isolite is a high temperature resistant and fire resistant, enclosure, designed to prevent combustible materials in your ceiling coming in contact with ignition temperature halogen downlight globes and causing a fire. This easy to install retro-fit enclosure can be fitted without any disconnection or reconnection of wiring, enabling any DIY handy person to install it. It allows much greater insulation cover and stops draughts and energy loss through ventilated downlights. Isolite also prevents entry of insects, dust and allergens into living areas through downlights and is also acoustic rated (Rw30) to reduce noise penetration through the downlights. Isolite is 100% Australian made, designed and owned.

Comply to Australian Standards – Fully approved fire resistant enclosure
Prevent Ceiling Fire Devastation – Isolates hi-temp part from timber, insulation, build up and interference without delay
Prevent Loss of Vital Insulation Values/ Benefits
Allows you to avoid big insulation clearances requirements and shocking energy waste.
Avoid breakdown of noise barrier ( acoustic rated)
Stop additional heating and cooling loss in living areas by sealing off vented downlights.
Prevent 24/7 Indoor Pollution through Downlights – Keeps out dust , allergens and all sorts of insects


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