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About the Product: an aluminium foil which has been perforated to allow light to penetrate but not the heat. The result is quite startling- the product eliminates the discomfort of excessive heat and glare yet provide gentle filtered light.

RENSHADE is ideal to stop heat radiating through windows. It can be simply fastened to the inside glass by Velcro spots and is easily removed, rolled up and put away until the next hot spell, or it can stay in position for the duration of summer. The inside foil surface emits or –re-radiates only approx 3% of heat into the building. It is not important if the outer reflective foil surfaces touch the glass.

RENSHADE for under transparent roofing

Transparent roofs are subjected to the intense radiant heat of the sun and although U.V. rays are eliminated they become very hot. This heat is transferred through the roof by conduction and is radiated downwards.
There is only one material that can stop radiant heat – aluminum foil – which will reflect 97% of the radiant heat to which it is subjected.

RENSHADE aluminum roofing foil will stop this radiant heat.

RENSHADE is simply laid on top of rafters under roofing or stapled to the underside of rafters or purlins.


Estimated 85% reduction in Radiant heat flow- direct Sunlight, reflected heat or Ambient air temperature
No glare from incoming summer heat – gentle filtered light. Less damage to fabrics/ timber flooring.
See through insulation – external view maintained with total privacy during daytime- impossible to see in.
Renshade sheets can be removed, rolled up and reused, care needed.
Velcro application ideal for tenanted properties- no damage.
Air-conditioning use will be considerably reduced.

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