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Underfloor Overview

Underfloor insulation assists to keep your floor at a constant room temperature. It gets its biggest workout in the Winter as the warm air floats to the ceiling leaving the coolest area on the floor. The insulation will fight the cold and keep the house at a comfortable level.

Underfloor can be fitted in retrofit and new builds. The insulation prevents air draft between floorboards and creates an insulating air pocket under the floorboards.

It is perfect for exposed floorboards on a suspended wooden floor. It also offers a great solution of the insulation on the edge of slabs, or the underside of slabs on the ground.

It’s handy to keep in mind that not all houses are suitable for underfloor insulation. Adequate space is needed for the installer to get to the area to place the product. It’s recommended that if you are considering underfloor insulation you get someone out to assess the area.

Air-Cell Permifloor
Concertina Foil

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