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Melbourne is COLD. I can help.

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It’s about now that the bones start to get cold and you start to curse at the gaps in the walls, wishing and hoping that there is another sunny day just around the corner. BUT, you can’t dwindle away your life waiting for the weather to change. If we know something about Melbourne, it is, that the Winter settles in, AND just when you think it is over, it gives you another chill up the spine.



Isn’t it worth a FREE insulation quote and the comfort of knowing you can payment plan your wall insulation?

The eskimos stay warm in Winter because they build well enveloped houses, they minimise draft.

In our houses, the draft seeps in… Under the floor boards, through the cracks in the walls and windows, and under the doors.

Envirowall is a retrofit wall insulation product that we install with minimal disruption through the outside of the house (or in some cases through the inside). It is a loose fill material that settles in the external wall cavity and doesn’t put pressure on the weatherboards. It can be installed to weatherboard, brick veneer and double brick builds.

By installing Envirowall you can raise the temperature of your house in Winter by up to 6 degrees. So why not pick up the phone and give us a call?

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Ask for me (Cameron) – I will be able to answer all of your questions.

Stay warm :-)


Photo: Herald Sun