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Enviroflex can manufacture to your requirements spill control products, industrial absorbents and environmental remediation absorbents from recycled cellulose. These products are made and sold in commercial quantities.

The materials are particularly suitable for waste water facilities dewatering sludge as it reduces the weight/volume of the filter cake.

The materials produced include non selective which is ideally suited for spill clean up on land it can absorb 3-5 times its weight in liquid spills.

We also produce a cellulose absorbent that is Oleophilic (readily absorbs oil based liquid) and is hydrophobic (resists water)

It is used to absorb hydrocarbons, chemicals, oils and greases on land and on water. It can absorb up to 13 times its weight.

Enviroflex can design a cellulose absorbent material to meet your requirements.

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