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Polyester vs Fibreglass insulation: The 5 things you may not have known

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We often get asked about the benefits of Polyester vs Glass insulation, so we thought we would throw together some of the key factors that make polyester insulation a desirable alternative to fibreglass when searching for a safe, cost effective and environmentally friendly option for your home or office.

  1. Contains no breathable fibres – This may be of benefit to sufferers of asthma and severe dust allergies, and may be one of the main advantages of a polyester alternative.
  2. Repels water and is largely unaffected by moisture – Polyester is naturally hydrophobic and quick drying which makes it quite water resistant.
  3. Environmentally responsible – Polyester insulation is easily recyclable and can be used time and time again. Plus, the recycling process does not require high levels of heat compared to many other products, allowing it to have a significant positive impact on our planet.
  4. Durability – Does not subside or crumble over time.
  5. No protective equipment needed when installing – Due to it’s non-irritant nature, polyester insulation does not require any protective gear when installing, making installation quick, easy and risk-free.

Polyester insulation is a cost effective, safe and environmentally friendly solution for you and your family.


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