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A place to find articles of interest, product information and general education on insulation for your home, office, restaurant, shopping centre and more!

Airtightness Guide for Design and Contractors – Passivhaus-Airtightness-Guide- BRE / International Passive House Association (UK),

Energy Saver Study – SECCCA, 2016

Why patience will soon run out on insulation product certification and testing – The Fifth Estate, October 18th, 2016

Australian insulation standards are not the most cost effective, research shows – The Sydney Morning Herald, October 17th, 2016

Sustainable housing’s expensive, right? Not when you look at the whole equation – theconversation.com, August 27th, 2016

Insulation still widely overlooked by Australians – sourceable.net, January 25th 2016

Dear Architects: Sound Matters – NY Times, December 29th 2015

How to install wall insulation into double brick walls – Sustainability Victoria,

The benefits of a green roof – Rooflines, November 2015

Sustainable housing talkback forum – ABC Radio, September 9th, 2015

Energy Efficiency Statement – Victorian Government, June 2015

Australian Houses are just glorified tents in Winter – Environment Victoria, June 2015

Sustainable House Report Victoria – Sustainability Victoria, 2014

The State of Insulation in Australia – Marc Howe, Sourceable, 2015

Wall Retrofit Convert – Philip Building Group – Kew, Victoria 2014

Insulating a Shipping Container House – Chum Creek, Victoria 2014 – odpod.com.au

Raising the bar on home renovations – House 1 Post War 1945 – 1965 (AUS 2015) – vba.gov.au

Raising the bar on home renovations – House 2 Post War 1945 – 1965 (AUS 2015) – vba.gov.au

Raising the bar on home renovations – Californian Bungalow 1920s (AUS 2015) – vba.gov.au

Winter Heating (AUS 2013) – ausgrid.com.au

The value of ceiling insulation – (AUS, 2011) – ICANZ

The Insulation Handbook – Part 1 – Thermal Performance – (AUS 2010) – ICANZ

The Insulation Handbook – Part 2 – Installation Guide – (AUS 2012) – ICANZ

The effect of EFC ratings on house prices – (UK, 2014) – www.gov.uk

All About Attics - Green Building Advisor . com

Heating and Cooling – yourhome.gov.au

One Million Homes Summary Report – roundtable discussion to address key questions about how the Victorian Government can progress its election commitment to raise the efficiency rating of existing Victorian homes to an average 5-star standard.

CSIRO: Green Housing cheaper to build and run

NSW gas prices set to soar following IPART green light, The Age

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