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What are battery systems?

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What are battery systems in terms of energy efficiency?

Energy storage is kinda like water storage – if your house is not connected to the grid for water then you can’t just turn on the tap and have water. The household would have to have rainwater/storage tanks. Battery systems are the electrical equivalent of that – it is like having a little bank of potential energy that the household can draw from for lights, tv, computers etc. So if the household has a 1000 litre water tank, you know that you had 1000 litres of water you can use before it rains again.

How large is a battery system for an average family of four, in a 3 bedroom house drawing 45kwh per day?

A lead acid battery system would be about 1.5 metres long by half a metre high, and it would weigh about 1.5 tonne. A lithium battery (what people use for phones and computers) solution would be about 5 times smaller but would be a much larger monetary investment.

A bit of both worlds… 

Battery systems can be installed to grid-connected houses but for a whole different purpose. If we look at the water tank analogy again, this would translate to having a header water tank for extra back up that gets filled from the street water. The water tank could be 500 litres, if the water supply was going to be tank only then a tank would have to be 1000 times the size.

The battery systems that people install to use their own day time generation are not designed to help you live through a week of cloud. They are a smaller and cheaper option to be able to use stored energy between dusk to dawn.

What is the verdict – insulation or solar panels?

Generally, when a homeowner looks to spend their money on energy efficiency, insulation and solar panels go head to head. However, we have found that homeowners that already have solar installed are now turning to insulation. Homeowners no longer want to waste everything they have saved, insulation solves the root of the problem. Before it was either insulation or solar – not it is getting to the point there people are starting to realise, and wanting to have both.

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